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Take a chill pill: Signs of anger issues

angry manWhile it is normal to get angry sometimes, being angry all the time is not. If you are this kind of person and you think that being outraged by small and simple things is normal, you might want to think again. You may be suffering from anger problems.

A study by the Harvard Medical School showed that around eight percent of adolescents have intermittent explosive disorder. Simply put, anger issues. This disorder is basically psychological, and it is not something that only teens suffer from. Even adults experience this too.


Anger disorders are subdivided into many types. There is chronic anger, passive anger, overwhelmed anger, self-inflicted anger, judgmental anger and volatile anger. Each of these types has a different set of signs and subjects, so it is better if you understand the signs so you’ll know which category you fall in and how you are going to treat it.

People with passive anger normally demonstrate apathy and meanness towards other people. Anger is not so apparent in this type of disorder, because it is repressed. People who speak with so much sarcasm are also suspected to have this type of anger disorder.manage your anger problems

If there is passive anger, there also is a type of anger disorder known as aggressive anger. Warning signs for people with this anger issue include the urge to cause physical damages to properties and other people when they are mad. This type of anger is retaliatory and causes the person to hurt someone or something as a means of diversion.

Signs of anger issues differ from one person to another. However, factors that contribute to the condition are often the same. These factors include stress, bad situations and abuse. Aside from sarcasm and aggression, other emotional signs of people with other issues are anxiety, rage and constant irritability. They often have troubles when it comes to organizing their thoughts. It is normal for someone to get irritated or enraged sometimes, but when this happens too often, it might mean a deeper problem.

Because people with anger issues find it hard to control themselves when they are mad, their strong emotions bring about physical changes in their bodies. This is why anger issues do not only involve emotional signs but physical signs as well. When a person has anger issues, he experiences heart palpitations and increased blood pressure more often than normal. It is also common for him to have headaches, particularly pressure in the head, muscle tension, and fatigue.

Addressing anger issues is necessary to curb the negative effects of the disorder. It may seem that having anger issues is not much of a problem, but it is. When this condition is ignored, it may have long-term effects on the health and life of the person suffering from the disorder. Majority of those who choose not to resolve their anger issues are at a greater risk for strokes, which can eventually lead to death. Anger issues are also deterrent in forming good relationships in and outside the home.


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